Our Platform - EnergyIO™

Cloud-Based Energy Management Platform With Real Time Energy Analytics

Lower Energy Cost

Achieve savings up to 20% with predictive analytics and increased user engagement.

Predict future energy demand to help you choose right energy plan.

Understand your usage pattern and lower peak demand.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Meaningful key performance indicators or KPI’s to help you assess and improve.

Utiliize our real-time energy audits and benchmarking to track energy performance.

Optimize your equipment schedule using our predictive analytics and weather normalization.

Improve Sustainability

Take initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and measure progress.

Justify your energy efficiency projects with return on investment (ROI).

Increase awareness and engagement in energy efficiency effort.

Detect Billing Errors & Overcharges

Sudden spike in usage due to malfuntion or human error.

Zero usage meters, abandoned meters or occasionally used meters can cost significant amount.

Demand charges can add up to 50% of the electrical bill.

Get Alerts

Receive instant alerts when pre-set usage limits are being approached or unusual usage spike is detected.

Know your future energy demand and cost prediction calculated based on weather forecast.

Predict possible system failure and take appropriate initiatives to reduce downtime.

Improved Compliance

Track your buildings compliance to local as well as federal mandatory regulations and policies.

Up to date information to help you be more proactive.

Capitalize on energy incentive programs.

How it works?

Aggregate Energy Data

We understand that gathering the amount of data needed to really analyze and predict energy costs is time consuming and difficult. You can spend your time better doing what you do best, running your company or building. Now you can let Inibii do the heavy lifting while you look like the Rockstar you are.

Using our powerful energy management platform, you can easily gather your business’ electricity, water, and gas data into our all-in-one platform. From there, the data can be viewed and tracked effortlessly to show trends and areas for improvements. We also allow you to leverage your existing applications by integrating with them to make the process even smoother.

If knowing that you have an impact on our environment is important to you, our Energy Management Platform is the best option for your business. Energy management is the most effective way to insure you and your business are maximizing your energy efficiency efforts.

Analyze Energy Data

Do you look at your energy bill each month and wonder what it all means? The energy data can be complicated and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Energy analytics can be a powerful, cost saving tool when you use the right energy management service.

Our energy management system removes the jargon and simplifies the data into easy to read and even easier to understand information. This allows you to create more visibility in your business to improve energy use and see what your consumption is costing you.

Within the platform, you can:

     Complete energy audits
     Breakdown energy cost by category
     Benchmark: Compare your data to data from other similar users
     Review energy usage patterns and demand
     Create an energy profile to help you determine your energy hogs
     See your company’s or building’s environmental impact