Lower Energy Cost

Achieve savings up to 20% with predictive analytics and increased user engagement.

Detect Errors & Overcharges

17% of the bills has errors and overages due to the complexity of invoices and contracts.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Intuitive dashboard with Key Performance Indicators or KPI’s and benchmarking.

Get Alerts

Receive alerts when pre-set usage limits are being approached or a potential system failure detected.

Our Customers

Our passion is in the transformation of inefficient and costly facilities into money-saving, data-driven enterprises. We understand collecting reliable data as well as analyzing them can be challenging, time consuming and expensive. With our Energy Management Platform, you can now easily and effortlessly gather, analyze and predict your energy, water, and gas usage, reducing your costs and carbon footprint with a few clicks of a button.

Energy Analytics


Funded by taxpayer dollars, government enterprises face unique regulatory requirements for energy procurement, efficiency and sustainability.


Education institutions face similar challenges in reducing energy cost, meeting sustainability goals that promotes academic excellence.


Utility cost represents significant percent of operating expenses for commercial sector to impact bottom line.

Energy Services Companies

Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) and Consultants needs a robust platform to meet their customers energy management goals.

Why Energy Management System?

Our energy management system (EMS) makes it easy to monitor, control, and analyze your energy usage. It can bridge the gap between loose business goals and measurable targets. From energy benchmarking to energy audits, Inibii has you covered.

  Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Buildings
  Energy Managers
  Buildings per Energy Manger
  USD Wasted for Energy Inefficiency Every Year

Our Team

At Inibii, we know that greatness in a disruptive era requires bold ambition, curious talent and a culture that believes we’re smarter together. We help building owners and facility managers manage energy cost by fusing creativity, innovation, strategy, and user experience.

Energy Management Team

Moshiul Arefin


Energy Management Team

Carlos Yagua

Sustainability and Data Analyst

Energy Management Team

Sameer Sukhija

QA Architect

Energy Management Team

Aakash Kumar Das

Full Stack Developer

Our Recent Posts

Energy Management System

January 15, 2018

Design Hacks IoT Style - Energy Efficiency Advances IoT Technology

About 13% of all energy produced in the US is used to heat, cool, and ventilate buildings today. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) is the largest consumer of energy in commercial buildings, totaling 37% of all energy expended in this industry. Energy is often wasted by heating, cooling, and over-ventilating un-occupied or moderately occupied spaces. The lack of accurate and reliable occupancy information is due to existing building automation and control systems that are limited in their ability to substantially reduce HVAC energy use.

Energy Management System

December 15, 2017

Defy Complacency in Climatic Matters

Most efforts to decrease carbon emissions in the world is a hard topic to follow in the news today. What is usually reported sparks a debate that gets a lot of flak for being an illegitimately researched issue, or deemed a completely out-of-left-field theory concocted by conspiracy theorists of science. Unfortunately, policy world-wide seems to fall short when it should inspire us all to re-focus on what matters—the planet and our accountability to the hazards we risk for the sake of convenience or comfortability. Which one of those umbrellas do you fall under?

Energy Management System

November 15, 2017

Get Environmental Wasted – But Moderate Use of Everything Else

Sometimes life makes us wonder about the things outside of our control. When it comes to the environment, some people, like us, realize how that the wonder is time-restricted with drastic consequences. As a technology company that cares for the planet, we know that things aren’t so out-of-our-control as they seem. They certainly aren’t far from a needed change, either.

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